with Georgina Sirett-Armstrong-Smith

Special Offers from Jupiter!

Jupiter and Io

Since November 8th, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, has been in its own sign in Sagittarius. The quality of time over the next 12 months now receives a noticeably positive note. This is a good time to get down to work and contribute to improving the situation and show your talents. Commitment will pay off during this time. A dark side of this astrological expansion  situation is that of exaggerations of any kind. A certain amount over-indulgence can happen at this time, so some self- restraint is quite advisable, and not only in terms of calorie intake during the holidays.

To celebrate Jupiter’s good fortune…

Why not give a Karmic chart or tarot reading to family or friends as a gift this season? It can be conducted by Skype or face-to-face from December through to the end of January. I am  offering special offers on Karmic  astrology readings -2 hours, tarot one hour – by Skype or at my clinic. All readings are recorded onto CDs. Your chart will be hand-drawn.

Remember: the months of December, January and February are a great time to have your chart read or to have a transit/forecast or progressed forecast reading. It’s very empowering.

  • Astrology reading normally £85 offered at £70
  • Tarot normally £45 offered at £35
  • Transit reading normally £45 offerering at £35
  • Relationship readings normally £120 (3 hours) offering at £85
  • Gift vouchers are available.

Also, if you are thinking of having a handfasting  or baby naming in 2019, let me know as soon as possible for dates available. I am happy to travel to your location or venue.

I am starting a new Karmic astrology year’s course in Glastonbury from March 2019 and also a tarot course starting in February, in Slovakia. Register soon, the astrology course is becoming full and I only hold small classes for personal attention.

Thank you and get a bargain with Jupiter!!! NOT Black Friday!!!!!