with Georgina Sirett-Armstrong-Smith

Public Speaking Coaching

GeorginaIt’s nerve-wracking to deliver a speech for an important business meeting or a ceremony:

  • dry throat
  • sweating palms
  • nausea

Sound familiar?

Let me help you build your confidence and coach you through your nightmare!

I worked in this area for many years specialising in ILM management training for middle management upwards, and work with ILM training material. I also hold Grade 4 in Guildhall Drama and Voice and a City & Guilds training qualification.

Coaching sessions cost £75 for two hours. Contact me today for more information,

Read what previous happy clients have to say :

“The most valuable thing Georgina taught me was the ability to breathe properly! Shallow breathing from the upper chest alone increases our feeling of panic and anxiety. Breathing deeply and from the belly allowed me to stay calmer and to think more clearly. Such a simple technique, but so effective.”

Alison Sutton

“I had a very informative and constructive 2½ hours with Georgina regarding how to speak publicly.   She determined what it was I was trying to deliver in my presentation and tweaked it to perfection with a concise beginning, middle and end.  Georgina advised me how to deliver my words for best effect.  She coached me on how to stand, where to dramatically pause and how to be in control, claiming the stage for myself and engaging with the audience.  I cannot recommend Georgina more to give you that extra boost of confidence. The most invaluable 2½ hours spent which will stand me in great stead for future presentations”.

Alexandra Tille