with Georgina Sirett-Armstrong-Smith

Mists of AvalonGlastonbury and Cornwall

Journey to the Sacred Sites of Avalon The Heart Chakra Goddess Tour. Celebrate “Beltaine” in Glastonbury, England

(This tour can be arranged at any time, for individuals or groups)

Travel to Stonehenge for a private sunrise Goddess ceremony in its inner stone circle. Walk to the Tor, the hill of mystery and legends. Tour the Roman and Medieval Baths and honor the Goddess Minerva. Visit, pray and receive healing at the Chalice Well and its Sacred Gardens.

The Boscastle Witchcraft Museum reveals the truth about the “herstory” of witches. Journey to Tintagel, said to be the mystical birthplace of King Arthur. Peek inside Merlin’s Cave and feel the energy of his magical realm.

Walk through Avebury stone circle, West Kennet Long Barrows, Silbury Hill and see Crop Circles. In rituals and meditation we will meet the Lady of Avalon, drink and bathe in the living waters of the sacred springs, connect with this mystical magical land and with the ancient ones who have passed before us beyond the veil. Glastonbury is the Love Chakra of the World.

On the Goddess and Sacred Site Tour you will fall in love with this dreamy and enchanting land.