with Georgina Sirett-Armstrong-Smith

Esoteric Soul Healing

healing hands1st consultation will be 1½ hours.

This wonderful healing session is divine!

With the use of Magnetic and Radiatory energy, Devas, Angels, Elementals and Sound, I look at the dis-ease within the Mental, Astral and Etheric body that can create disease.

  • Cleansing and clearing the congested Chakras, radiating healing energy throughout the Aura.
  • Dealing with the process of connecting you to your own Soul’s energy and help heal dis-ease and causes of disease, whether it be in the past or present.
  • Discovering early physical and emotional patterning, using rebirthing and regression within the healing can help deal with past traumas.
  • Distant healing can also be conducted very effectively and will include follow up analysis.